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The Memory 100

If you have any question you need answered about your memory….you’ll find all the answers in this book written by America’s Memory Motivator. You’ll learn the WHY of it – the HOW of it – and WHAT you can do about it. THE MEMORY 100 is definitely the one minute manager for your memory.

I bought this book after it was referred by a friend. It is a surprisingly easy read. I used it at first for reference, but then ended up paging through it for about 20 minutes. Good information, easy to read, highly recommended!

Astute Reader

Enjoy how Hermine breaks down how to COLLECT, CONNECT, and RECOLLECT information. The book works outstanding as a memory training tool.

Chris L.

About the Author

Author Hermine Hilton is a globally-known public speaker. She has hosted events for Forbes-listed companies including Boeing, NASA and more!”  Her live appearances are fun, relaxed, entertaining and thought-provoking. Audiences love her and she’s happy to stay for pictures and book signings.